Bad Bunny Apologized To Harry Styles For Shading Him At Coachella

    Bad Bunny apologized during his second Coachella set this weekend.

    Last week, Bad Bunny headlined Coachella, making history as the first Latine solo artist headliner for the iconic festival.

    Bad Bunny onstage

    But he also made headlines for shading Harry Styles during his set.

    Closeup of Harry Styles

    While performing his song "El Apagón," this tweet flashed on the screen. It read, "Goodnight, Benito could do 'As It Was,' but Harry could never do 'El Apagón.'"

    Bad Bunny onstage

    You know, some light shade. Nothing too malicious, but shade nonetheless. Soon after, though, Bad Bunny said he did not approve this.

    Anyway, during his second weekend set on Friday, Bad Bunny apologized to Harry by flashing an updated tweet on the screen. It read, "Sorry, Harry, it was a mistake from my team. We love you. <3"

    Bad Bunny onstage

    Harry has not responded as to whether he accepts, but something tells me things are A-OK between them.