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16 Awkward Moments From The 2019 Grammys

A show with a lot of moments.

1. A cameraman kept poking his head in during Alicia Keys' "Song of the Year" speech:

2. There was, like, 10 seconds of awkward time where it seemed Alicia/everyone didn't know they were still live:

3. And then it happened AGAIN later when Alicia was coming back from break and didn't know she was live:

4. Lady Gaga had an awkward interview moment with Ryan Seacrest:

5. Cardi B's necklace fell off during her performance:

6. And many thought she was lip synching:

Anyone else think Cardi B is lip syncing? @iamcardib #grammys #CardiB #Offset #lipsync #Grammy2019 #Grammys2019 #grammyslive #grammywinners #GrammyAwards #music #musician @RecordingAcad

7. Everyone thought Jennifer Lopez was too:

Why are we watching jlo lip sync through a Motown tribute when Beyoncé exists?

8. Meghan Trainor had some trouble getting the envelope open:

9. Offset made this face during Cardi's performance:

10. Diana Ross' daughter, Rhonda, was on the phone during her performance:

11. Shay from Dan + Shay had his zipper down during his performance:

12. Drake got cut off by a commercial:

13. Ariana tweeted then deleted these two tweets and everyone was like ?????

14. H.E.R. dropped something while going up to accept her award:

15. Lady Gaga's performance ended with her staring into the camera like this for, like, 10 seconds:

16. Katy Perry showed up as a cake.