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    17 People Who Had Suuuper Awkward Encounters With Their Boss

    Praying for these people...

    1. When your boss doesn't care:

    bro my coworker starts crying bc her boyfriend broke up w her (thru text) & my manager gon say “that’s why we stay off our phones @ work” LMFAAAAOOOO shordy ain’t shit 😭

    Twitter: @ollietttaa

    2. When you get called out:

    Twitter: @jahmeremarrero_

    3. When they print out your tweets:

    4. When they don't get the joke:

    I showed my boss this tweet and he said, "I don't get it." His name is literally Matt.

    Twitter: @caitieekk

    5. When your boss becomes a potato:

    my boss turned herself into a potato on our Microsoft teams meeting and can’t figure out how to turn the setting off, so she was just stuck like this the entire meeting

    Twitter: @PettyClegg

    6. When they see your inappropriate Facebook status:

    13 years to the day I was fired from my summer job in a shoe shop, as I didn’t think my manager, who was 29, would have Facebook.

    Twitter: @robinjaymorgan

    7. When you have the best response:

    At my last job the manager told this girl her hair was too long and needed to tie it up. so the girl just took off her wig and handed it to my manager 😭 I think about this day a lot 😂

    Twitter: @afaang_

    8. When you have to explain this:

    Explaining to my manager why i came back alone was a whole other issue LMFAOOOO she never let us go on break together again🤣

    Twitter: @_claudiapolanco

    9. When you clap back at them:

    When the hot straight boss sends me a rude email on the weekend:

    Twitter: @TN_GA_Bromo

    10. Or when you've been saving a clapback:

    i’ve been waiting so long to say this

    Twitter: @Laurennknapp

    11. When one word makes a difference:

    I just accidentally texted my boss that tomorrow we can touch, instead of touch base, in case you wondered about my level of smoothness.

    Twitter: @A_gligs

    12. When you use slang in a meeting:

    literally said “type shit” in a meeting. they’re gonna fire me lmaoo

    Twitter: @JazzyyWazzyy__

    13. Or your boss misses one letter:

    14. When you send the wrong text to your boss:

    If u think ur having a bad day just remember that I accidentally texted this to my boss this morning :)

    Twitter: @hannahrichelle3

    15. Like, yikes:

    @JazzyyWazzyy__ This brought me back to the time I accidentally messaged my boss instead of my girl 💀

    Twitter: @12thedickbandit

    16. When they message you on a hookup app:

    I was at the bank where I’m doing my internship this summer to do paperwork... when I left, my “boss” HITS ME UP ON GRINDR DJWIDJWJD

    Twitter: @apoIlon

    17. And lastly, when you mistake your boss's text for a dick appointment and it goes viral:

    Ever had a super awkward encounter with your boss? Let me know in the comments below!