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    17 Super Awful Dates That Had An Unexpected, Wild Ending

    Every single one of these dates are out of control.

    On Saturday, Twitter user @postgrad_barty asked people about the weirdest date they've been on. Y'all, I have no words for some of these.

    what’s the weirdest date you’ve been on??? I’ll go first we were going to see a movie and didn’t buy tickets in advance and couldn’t get two tickets next to each other so we ended up sitting on opposite sides of the theater and then the movie ended and we were like cool ok bye

    Here's what people said:

    @postgrad_barty I went over to this guys house for dinner and drinks and he was a bit off. So I went to the bathroom and he has a DILDO in his tub and he came running in and was like WAiiT and I’m standing there looking at it... i gave him a courtesy 20 minutes then left

    @postgrad_barty One time I got set up with a guy through a mutual friend. Before he came to pick me up he said “do you mind if we take my motor cycle?” I was like “sure” so I wore a leather jacket and got all sexy n shit. This boy shows up on a single seat bike and I had to ride in the SIDECAR

    @postgrad_barty He kissed me and pulled back and said ‘wait there’s just a little...’ I was embarrassed I thought I had something in my teeth he put his hand in my mouth and said I think this tooth is wobbly, I was 19 with all my adult teeth

    @postgrad_barty I met this guy on tinder. we met up at the movie theatre, he didn't speak to me the entire time, he paid for my ticket and bought me a bunch of movie snacks. we just watched the movie and after it was over he gave me $50 and said bye.

    @postgrad_barty (2) a hill near my apartment with TWO sprained ankles , phone dead and had to crawl up the hill ..wet and freezing and walk home. Texted her later that day after overcoming my hypothermia "wth happened last night?" She replied sorry for pushing you down the hill I got scared

    @postgrad_barty Met the guy on tinder, about 3 mins into meeting him he goes “can you buy me water and a pack of cigs”, I comply, I think I spent $70 because he kept pressuring me to buy him stuff and he didn’t spend a dime, he kept farting too ?? Then he tried to catch a pigeon with his hands

    @postgrad_barty She showed up to a bar in full 1950s costume and makeup and said she saw on my profile that I liked the show Mad Men so she dressed like that???

    @postgrad_barty This dude kept saying I should let him take me out when I come back to atlanta. Soo I finally did. I ubered to the restaurant. We ate, like 5 mins after the check came a female walked in looking crazy as HELL and sat right next to him. Likeee I thought it was some cheaters shit..

    @postgrad_barty Went on a date with a guy to a restaurant and we both ordered but he didn’t eat any of his food. When I asked why he was literally sitting and watching me eat, he said he was too nervous to eat and was just planning on taking it home. Super weird.

    @postgrad_barty On a blind date, the girl orders Caesar salad and eats it with her hands! Tells me she’s “not big into utensils”. After eating she asks me if I’ve accepted Jesus Christ as my lord and savior and invites me to confession.

    @postgrad_barty Met this guy on bumble. seemed decent&very cute so I said ok let’s go out. date time- he shows up 30min late on a pennyboard&is as tall as me (5’2)We sat down& 5 min in he started recruiting me into his cult(?) waitress overheard some of it&snuck me her phone# + an escape route.

    @postgrad_barty Omg I went on a date with a surgeon that I met through work & he took me to Wasabi & didn’t eat himself but watched me eat, then followed my car home with his lights off in the dark.. thinking I wouldn’t notice..then texted me asking if I got home safe yet he saw me get home 😑🥴

    @postgrad_barty went on a double date with a guy i didn’t really like that much bc he was friends w my best friend and her boyfriend. ended up at her bf’s house after hanging out with their friends. someone dared my date to break his own phone so to “impress” me he bit his phone and broke it.

    @postgrad_barty I went on a group movie date in 7th grade to see the devil inside (WHACK) and dude kept telling me how he’d never kill a baby. Like good I guess??

    @postgrad_barty a friend set us up. we went to mom & pop restaurant. both got burgers & fries but he didn’t touch his food or say anything, just stared at me w a fork in hand. then he drove us to a taco bell then he ate like 15 tacos in a jcpenny parking lot in total silence. never spoke again

    @postgrad_barty Met a dude for dinner in Hell's Kitchen. He invites me back to his place. He takes his shirt off, pushes me onto the bed and we start making out. Hard. It's really great until he stops abruptly and asks me to leave so he can journal.

    Be careful out there, y'all. People are…interesting.