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    Ashton Kutcher's Twin Michael Revealed Why He Was Angry Ashton Revealed He Had Cerebral Palsy

    "I was very angry. Very angry."

    You may or may not know, but actor Ashton Kutcher has a twin, Michael!

    Ashton and Michael as children

    Well, this week, Michael did an interview with Today Parents, where he opened up about how he felt when Ashton revealed he had cerebral palsy in a televised interview in 2003.

    Michael and Ashton posing for a photo at an event

    "I was very angry. Very angry. I remember speaking to him about it," Michael, 43, said.

    "I didn't want to be the face of CP. I never talked about it," he continued.

    However, Michael said he has learned to forgive Ashton because of how Ashton's revelation actually changed his life for the better. "[Ashton] did me the biggest favor he's ever done because he allowed me to be myself," he said.

    Michael went on to talk about how supportive and protective Ashton has been of him since they were young.

    “I had all of the stereotypes that come with having a disability. I was called every name in the book on the playground. I had difficulty making friends," he said. “But I had [Ashton] there to help me and support me."

    Michael shared a story about a time he was called an ableist slur by a group of bullies, and Ashton defended him. “My brother picked a fight with them. He stood up for me. He wanted them to treat me with respect. And that meant a lot."

    And Ashton also wouldn't put up with anyone leaving Michael out from hangouts or sleepovers. “Most of the time they’d say 'yes,' but sometimes they’d say 'no,' and [Ashton] would go, ‘Well, then I’m not coming,’” Michael said. “[Ashton] would tell me, ‘I wish I could take all of this off of you — and take it myself.'”

    As for 2021, Michael is living his best life in Colorado with his wife and three kids.

    Michael and his wife smiling for a photo

    He's also a spokesperson for Cerebral Palsy Foundation and an advisor to Joshin, which is an app that helps families find "sitters, nannies, and caregivers" for those living with disabilities.

    “When you have kids with disabilities, you can’t just call the sitter next door. You need someone who understands autism, or who understands a feeding tube. The caregiver must understand those needs, and that’s what you get with Joshin,” Michael said.

    "I love the impact I’ve been able to make, the people I’ve been able to touch,” he added. “And I wouldn’t have been able to do that if I didn’t have these obstacles, or as I like to call them — an opportunity.”

    Exactly. I love Michael and Ashton's relationship, and I love hearing about how powerful Michael's voice and impact have become.

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