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Anna Kendrick Revealed Why She Called Obama An "Asshole" To His Face


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Actress Anna Kendrick was on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on Friday to promote her new movie, A Simple Favor.

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During the interview, Stephen asked her about a picture of her and Barack, where the former president is seen doubled over laughing:

This is what happened. Anna was invited to a campaign event in 2012. She was the first to arrive, so she and a Secret Service guy started chatting about both being from Maine.

Then, Obama arrived and talked about the 2012 campaign and the economy.

During his talk, he then turned to Anna and brought up her movie, Up In the Air.

Ok, so after the talk, Anna got to meet Barack, who said "I hope I didn't embarrass you earlier." That's when Anna said this:

The damage wasn't done. When Barack asked if she was early because she's from Maine, Anna said this:

"So, I called im an 'asshole,' and scolded him for not knowing the 50 states," Anna said. LUCKILY...he has a great sense of humor and clearly took it well.

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