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People Are Sharing Their Animated Character Doppelgängers And It's My Favorite New Trend

The accuracy.

Right now on Twitter, people are sharing selfies of themselves and which animated characters they look like. Here are some legends who came through with fire comparisons:

Merida from Brave:


Harrow from The Dragon Prince:

@AStreetprowl Me irl vs animated me

Netflix / Kon

Milo James Thatch from Atlantis:


Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid:


The dad from Inside Out and Maui from Moana:

Me irl vs animated me


Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians:

Me irl vs animated me


Bulma Bunny from Dragon Ball Z:

@AStreetprowl Me irl vs. animated me ! #bulmabunny #bulma

Manga Entertainment

Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul:

@AStreetprowl Me IRLvs animated me ¿?


Kilik Rung from Soul Eater:

Search Results Featured snippet from the web Geo Animation Studios2

Anne Boonchuy from Amphibia, Gratuity "Tip" Tucci from Home, and Missy from Big Mouth:

Me IRL vs Animated The big natural hair look

Disney / DreamWorks / Netflix

Oscar Proud from The Proud Family:


Reggie from Rocket Power:

Me irl vs animated me (kon niks beters vinden 😭)


Holly from The Polar Express:


JoJo from Horton Hears a Who!:

Jade from Bratz and Mavis from Hotel Transylvania:

me irl vs animated me

Jasmine from Aladdin:

Legends, legends, legends. They all served.


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