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    Amy Schumer, Jennifer Lawrence, And Adele All Got Drunk And Then Adele Came Thiiis Close To Marrying Amy And Her Husband

    Let me explain.

    You may or may not know this, but Adele — superstar, super vocalist queen — got ordained in January, meaning she can officiate weddings.

    She actually came pretty close to marrying Amy Schumer and her husband Chris Fischer, which Amy explained in the video below:

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    Here's how it happened. Amy met Adele through Jennifer Lawrence, Adele's good friend.

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    The three of them and Amy's then-fiancé got drunk and the topic of getting married came up.

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    That's when Adele came in and literally offered to marry the two.

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    Like imagine Adele just offering to marry you and your S/O???!!

    Anyway, Adele eventually backed out of it, considering the reason she got ordained was to marry close friend Alan Carr and his partner.

    Jim and Sam Show /

    UGH, I'm extremely grateful for this interaction and only wish I could've been on a three-way call when Adele had to tell Amy they're not besties like that.

    Still, by the looks of pics, the wedding was beautiful regardless of who officiated it!

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