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    Amy Schumer Posted Her Texts With Jennifer Lawrence And It's Basically You And Your Friend

    "Good talk."

    Earlier this week, Amy Schumer was on Ellen, where she was asked about her last texts with her bestie Jennifer Lawrence:

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    Amy explained that Jennifer texted her to make plans and then cancelled right away.

    She then posted the actual text screenshots and everything checks out. First Jennifer texted her asking if she and her husband wanted to get dinner:

    Then was like NVM.

    Amy's response was great:

    I'm dead. But honestly, I've been in Jennifer's shoes and asked someone to hang, not realizing I actually already have plans.

    And I've been on the receiving end too, like Amy, where you're just like ????????? what just happened ?????????

    Anyway, please post more screenshots of your convos, Amy. They're amazing.