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Adele Vanished Into Thin Air At Her Vegas Show, And My Brain Is Confused By It

My brain: ??????

We all know Adele — singer, songwriter, and now magician. Let me explain.

adele singing

The opening of her long-awaited rescheduled Vegas residency was last night.

adele on stage

She received rave reviews for her performances, set pieces, and voice. But one clip, in particular, has people confused, enamored, and flabbergasted.

adele singing

It happens at the end of her show after performing "Love Is A Game" when Adele seems to literally disappear from thin air.

@AdeleAccess / Via Twitter: @AdeleAccess

Adele waves goodbye to the audience, who are roaring with applause:

adele singing on stage

All of a sudden, this pink cloud of confetti covers her.


AND SHE'S GONE. Ok, modern day Harry Houdini????

adele is no longer on stage

The confetti pieces said, "BYE BABES." YAS.

🎊Confetti from Adele @Adele's "Weekends With Adele" show 🎊 #Adele #Adelettes

@Adelettes2 / Via Twitter: @Adelettes2

Like me, people were both obsessed and perplexed by the moment:

When Adele disappeared into the burst of heart confetti I cried a bit. You really did that babes!!! @Adele Singing your ass off AND a magic show as the finale??? You’re taking it!!!

Twitter: @shealovesadele

The way Adele just got confetti showered and disappeared like magic at the end of LIAG.

Twitter: @adelesgolden

It was also memed:

him: i’m really into you, i just feel like the whole adele thing is a bit… much? me:

Twitter: @adeleography

🚨 The singer Adele suffer a mild concussion after 20 pounds of confetti falls on top of her at her Las Vegas Residency. #WeekendsWithAdele

Twitter: @adeleissuperior

What do y'all make of this moment? Let me know in the comments below!