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    Abby Lee Miller Is Facing Backlash And Side-Eyes After She Posted This Bizarre TikTok Where She Fat-Shames Someone And Has Young Guys Take Off Their Shirts

    Like, what prompted her to do this?

    So, you probably know Abby Lee Miller — she was the head dance instructor and star on Dance Moms.

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    She's gone viral a bunch of times because she's kind of chaotic. Like, remember when she did THIS mid-argument?


    Well, she's going viral again on Twitter and TikTok after she posted this bizarre video on TikTok.

    Twitter: @bluepantheress

    The clip has 1.5 million views on Twitter and 2.6 million views on TikTok.

    In the TikTok, she motions for the younger guys to take off their shirts.

    Abby Lee Miller on TikTok as men behind her take their shirts off.
    @aldctherealabbylee / Via

    She does it for each of the guys:

    Abby Lee Miller on TikTok as men behind her take their shirts off.
    @aldctherealabbylee / Via

    Then, another man — who appears to look different than the other guys — approaches and attempts to take off his shirt, too, but Abby motions for him not to.

    Abby Lee Miller discouraging a plus-sized man from taking his shirt off on TikTok.
    aldctherealabbylee / Via

    It's all very bizarre.


    People, like me, were like, "WTF IS THIS!"

    Twitter: @TheeHoneyBey
    Twitter: @earth0akosua

    @bluepantheress why does this feel like something shane dawson would make

    Twitter: @daminionbob

    Some called out Abby for seemingly fat-shaming someone:

    i’m sorry but abby lee miller fat shaming people is one of the biggest examples of self-projection and hypocrisy i’ve ever seen

    Twitter: @quinnsleigh

    This feels a little bit like… fat shaming?

    Twitter: @michaelkeigher

    This is so wrong on so many levels. The guys are probably over 18, but the fatshaming. I’m not here for it!

    Twitter: @Marthinea96

    Abby lee miller of all people participating in fat shaming… you can’t make this up

    Twitter: @wildonegrande

    Abby has not commented on the matter, but we will update you if she does.