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30 Times Pop Stars Shaded The Shit Out Of Each Other In The Last Two Decades

In order of least to most shady.

30. When Taylor Swift called out Joe Jonas on Ellen for breaking up with her over the phone:

29. When Pink messed up during a concert and then said she sounded like her formal rival Christina Aguilera:

28. When Nicki Minaj shaded Iggy during the BET Awards for allegedly using a ghostwriter:

27. When Beyoncé accidentally shaded Taylor when asked about the Kanye incident:

26. And when she iconically and accidentally shaded Kelly:

25. When Taylor Swift was not really in the mood for discussing Justin Bieber's award:

24. When Christina Aguilera threw darts at Kelly Osbourne's face during the EMAs in 2003:

23. When Katy Perry shaded Miley after they kissed at Miley's concert:

22. When Rihanna laughed at Ariana Grande's performance of "Problem":

21. When Miley shaded both Ed Sheeran and John Mayer using only a few words:

20. When Aretha Franklin complimented a bunch of singers and then said this when asked about Taylor Swift:

19. And then she burned Nicki Minaj even worse:

18. When Lady Gaga was not here for Katy Perry's alleged imitation:

17. When Madonna had an interesting word to describe Gaga's work:

16. But Gaga was quick to differentiate herself from Madonna:

15. As was Mariah Carey when asked about Jennifer Lopez:

14. When Katy tweeted this about Taylor Swift:

13. Because Taylor released "Bad Blood," which was allegedly about Katy Perry trying to sabotage her world tour:

12. When Taylor owned Kanye, who took credit for her fame, in her Album of the Year acceptance speech at the Grammys:

11. When Britney Spears had this response when asked about Avril Lavigne, who said she danced like a whore and dressed like a ho:

10. When Mariah (18 number one songs) roasted Nicki Minaj (zero number one songs) during American Idol:

9. When Mariah reduced rapper Eminem to the candy on Watch What Happens Live:

8. When Mariah was asked a question regarding Nicki Minaj and had no idea who that was:

7. When Madonna said this about her infamous kiss with Drake:

6. When Rihanna tweeted this at Ciara, after Ciara said Rih "wasn't the nicest" to her:

5. When Cher had the best response to a fan who asked how she celebrated Madonna's birthday:

4. The infamous "Miley, what's good?" moment:

3. When Rihanna tweeted this about Amanda Bynes, after she called Rih ugly:

2. When Mariah was asked about Demi Lovato's comments about her:

1. And, as if it was up for debate, the shadiest moment of all time — when Mariah Carey said this when asked about J.Lo:

Comment below your favorite shady moment!