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    29 Really Bad Fails From 2019

    A year of trips, falls, wrong texts, bad Tinder bios, and more.

    1. This sandwich Insta fail:

    This is why we can’t have nice things. I was trying to take a picture of the lobster roll I ordered in Maine and well, this happened 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

    2. This fan fail:

    dumbest bitch award goes to me😩🤣

    3. This typo fail:

    4. This graduation fail:

    5. This work fail:

    So I was fucking around at work and this happened 😂#tokyodrift #fail

    6. This email fail:

    7. This advice fail:

    8. This advertising fail:

    9. This server's fail:

    When I think I send a great tweet but it has a typo

    10. This Good Samaritan fail:

    I found a phone by the pool earlier and texted the person who kept texting to let them know I’d found the phone and now TWO people are saying it’s their boyfriend’s and he’s saying don’t give it to one of them but she might lie so fuck this shit I just called his mom now he’s mad

    11. This scammer's fail:

    she got caught using counterfeit money pls help me lzhzzkzhslsgz

    12. This photo shoot fail:

    13. And this one, too:

    So i was tryna give my hamster a photoshoot and his food fell out of his cheeks ...

    14. This outfit fail:

    15. And this one, too:

    brought my bike to a screeching halt to take this

    16. This relationship fail:

    Woman Who Married A 300-Year-Old Pirate Ghost Reveals They’re splitting up

    17. This Grindr fail:

    Cute guy in front of me queuing for coffee was on grindr so I messaged hi and watched as he read it and blocked me happy saturday

    18. This date fail:

    19. This conversation fail:

    20. This sister's fail:

    21. This boyfriend fail:

    22. This wrong text fail:

    I just accidentally texted my boss that I was “gonna fuck the shit” out of him. I hope I die before 4:42 tomorrow afternoon. 😭😭

    23. This username fail:

    thinking about this insta username

    24. This DM fail:

    25. This bio fail, OMG:

    26. This hall pass fail:

    My girlfriend said we should each pick a “hall pass”, just in case we ever met that person. I chose Kate Upton and she chose her roommate Connor

    27. This fowl fail:

    28. And this sea lion fail:

    here’s live footage of michael and i minding our own business until A SEA LION CAME CHARGING AT US FROM THE OCEAN. enjoy

    29. And lastly, this marriage fail:

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