19 Times Celebs Shaded/Called Out Other Celebs To Their Face

    This bunch will say it right to your face.

    1. When Mariah Carey shaded Nicki Minaj for not having a Hot 100 hit:

    Mariah Carey didn't need to make a diss song to end Nicki Minaj. #Classic #Shade

    2. And when she shadily said this after Nicki said "All I Want For Christmas" was a great song:

    3. When Alicia Keys' shaded Kelly Clarkson's range on The Voice:

    Alicia keys insinuated that she had more range than anyone sitting on #TheVoice panel, and Kelly Clarkson was VERY confused😭 as am i

    4. When Chelsea Handler said this to Andy Richter on Conan:

    5. And then he shot back at her with this:

    6. When Nicole Kidman had this shady response to Andy Cohen, who asked about her clapping:

    Watch @NicoleKidman cast some well-deserved shade at @Andy Cohen after he asks her a seriously questionable question on live television #CNNNYE

    7. When Jerry Steinfeld insulted Larry King for insinuating Seinfeld got cancelled:

    8. When Michael Jordan roasted Charles Barkley on Oprah and the audience was like OMG.

    9. When Barbara Walters iconically said this to the Kardashians:

    10. And when she told Kathy Griffin she had a "desperate need for publicity":

    11. When Naomi Campbell said this to Tyra Banks:

    12. When Cher shadily completed David Letterman's sentence here:

    13. When Charlamagne tha God told Chanel West Coast she was a "wack rapper"

    14. When Kenya Moore and Michael Rapaport had this face-to-face shade fest on Watch What Happen Live:

    15. And when Nicki Minaj called out Miley Cyrus to her face:

    16. When Nicole Kidman told Giada De Laurentiis that her pizza was "a little tough" after a series of back-and-forth shading on Ellen:

    Nicole Kidman telling Giada De Laurentiis her pizza is "a little tough" & then spits it out has me 😂😂😂😂

    17. When Megyn snubbed Hoda on-air:

    18. And when Chelsea told Piers Morgan to his face he was a bad interviewer:

    19. And lastly, when Helena Bonham Carter said she had never been to the Met Gala and Rihanna said this: