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19 Tweets Only People Who Shop At Costco Can Truly Appreciate

"You like mayonnaise? Prove it." — Costco

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1. OK, let's be real: Arriving at Costco can be overwhelming. The parking lot is crazy...

2. Then you flash your card...

Me flexin at Costco with my executive membership

3. And once you're inside, there's a lot going on.

The first time my wife took me to Costco...

4. Prob because they have everything you could imagine.

5. Like those colossal teddy bears.

6. ...and caskets.

7. You usually go there for one thing and come out with a shitload of stuff.

8. And that "stuff" is usually huuuge.

9. Like really huge.

10. And in bulk.

11. There's a 10/10 chance you'll see someone you know there.

When you're at Costco & see someone you knew long ago & they run away.

12. And there always seems to be birds inside!

13. And can we talk about the samples?! NO MATTER WHAT, everything tastes better when it's free.

14. But you better be quick. It gets crazy.

15. And the employees will start to notice.

When you're at Costco and it's the 6th time you've walked up and grabbed the same sample and the lady is catching on

16. You'll definitely want to disguise yourself.

when you're gonna go get a sample at Costco

17. And even better than the samples: THE PIZZA. It's huge.

18. Soon enough, you realize Costco is more than just a supermarket. It's a sanctuary:

19. TBH, there's just no place like it.

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