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    18 People Who Are Living In 3019, While We're Stuck In 2019

    I'M IN AWE.

    1. This dad uses a thermos to keep his burritos warm:

    2. This teacher uses a mop to clean the board:

    this man is living in 3019 via /r/pics

    3. This hologram situation is straight out of 3019:

    dam koreans b living in da future n shit .. they in 3019

    4. This man's eating is straight genius:

    This man is living in 3019 we are all just passengers

    5. As are this man's gym selfie skills:

    Oh you guys still taking your gym shark selfies? Tristan is living in 3019

    6. This dude is a 3019 scammer:

    7. And this taxi driver is the scammer of the present and future:

    This Cab driver is living in 3019. Parks his car anywhere and puts his own no-parking clamp.

    8. This guy's hair skills are from the future:

    9. This kid has figured out the perfect way to drink:

    10. This person's costume is brilliant:

    11. This person used the sunglass compartment to store a taco:

    12. This person figured out how to travel with earrings:

    Idk what the proper way to keep up with your earrings while traveling is but hereโ€™s my #Sororitygirllifehack

    13. This person figured out how to Netflix and class:

    We are living in 2019. This guy is living in 3019

    14. And this kid figured out how to watch a movie in the car, hands-free:

    Jam living in 3019 (a child prodigy indeed)

    15. This bag in Indonesia is literally from the future โ€” it's biodegradable! (Plastic bags are shaking)

    Have you guys seen this???? Bags made from Cassava in Indonesia

    16. This man is a Facebook legend:

    17. And this man's snow removal is chillingly brilliant:

    While Weโ€™re Living In 2019 Heโ€™s Living In 3019.

    18. Finally, this legend/icon figured out the perfect way to online shop:

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