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    17 Times Jimmy Kimmel Got Celebs To Answer Personal Questions On His Show

    "I still go on PornHub." — Kanye West

    1. When he asked Miley Cyrus what her dad thought about her new image:

    2. And asked Obama about his daily routine and got him to be shady:

    3. When he asked Elizabeth Banks about penis size:

    4. And Logan Paul about how he lost 15% of his testicle:

    5. When he asked Jim Carey about his beard and Jim said this:

    6. When Jimmy asked Seth Rogen about his trip and Seth revealed he got high and threw up on the streets:

    7. When Jimmy Kimmel asked Kanye if his attitude toward women has changed since having a daughter and he said this:

    8. When Jimmy asked Khloé Kardashian how she did found out she was pregnant without anyone else finding out:

    9. When he asked Rami Malek if he and his twin brother did any "twin stuff," and he revealed he helped him cheat to get his degree:

    10. When Jimmy asked Cardi B whether childbirth was easier or harder than expected and she said this:

    11. When he asked Hillary Clinton about her health and got her to say she's healthy and open a jar of pickles.

    12. When he got Christina Aguilera to weigh in on the Cardi-Nicki fight that happened during her performance:

    13. When he asked Emily Ratajowski about the time she dissed his mom's PBJ sandwiches and she apologized/shaded him:

    14. When he got Dana White to reveal why Conor McGregor and Khabib Nirmagomedov hate each other:

    15. When he asked Matthew McConaughey about his movie with Snoop Dogg and he revealed they got high together:

    16. When he asked Meryl Streep if it was true that Mariah Carey stole her seat at the Golden Globes and she said this:

    17. And lastly, when he asked Kim Kardashian about her talk with Donald Trump and she revealed she was naked when he called: