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    23 Times Jessica Simpson Out-Jessica-Simpson'd Herself

    "Is this chicken, what I have, or is this fish?"

    1. When she told a story about her husband giving her a massage — while asleep:


    2. When she said her longest relationship was seven years, except with a woman (I think she was talking about her friends):


    3. When she posted her pregnant foot:

    4. And did cupping as a remedy:

    5. When she broke her toilet seat:

    6. When she confused tuna for chicken and it became one of the biggest pop culture moments ever:


    7. And then poked fun at it years later:

    It happens to the best of us @WholeFoods

    8. When she navigated this tight squeeze:

    9. When she read her mean tweet:


    10. When she was the queen of New Year's:

    11. When she walked in the rain to fight insomnia:

    Walking in the rain to fight insomnia ☔️ (living in this @JSCollection jacket)

    12. When she ripped her pants and had to wear her mom's pants:

    13. When she dressed up like Rudolph:

    14. When she thought 25 was "almost mid-20s":


    15. When she made her husband's wallpaper a picture of herself:

    16. When she risked her life to take an Instagram of this snake:

    17. When she mastered the Shirley Temple Challenge:

    18. When she forgot to look at price tags:


    19. When she Instagrammed this:

    20. When she categorized shopping as a sport:


    21. When she and Ozzy Osbourne did the most bonkers rendition of "Winter Wonderland":

    22. And lastly, when she tweeted one of the best tweets of all time:

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