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Updated on Jul 16, 2018. Posted on May 13, 2017

17 Moms Who Are So Savage It's Inspiring

"I started the family."

1. This mom cannot be bothered by her children.

2. And this mom cannot be bothered by drama.

3. This mom brilliantly used Snapchat to deliver the best zinger.

4. While this mom used Facebook to drag her daughter.

5. Don't mess with this mom's kids.

6. And don't try to out-pretty this mom.

7. This mom won Halloween.

8. This mom won Thanksgiving.

9. And this mom won Christmas.

10. This mom clearly has a favorite.

"just got a text from my mom saying ily and i was like aw ily2 and then"

11. This mom had the best comeback.

12. And this mom had the best comparison — for her ex.

13. This mom was merciless with her burns.

My mom just won the roast of the year award

Twitter: @CalliBuR_

14. As was this mom.

15. This mom wasn't taking anymore shit from her husband.

16. Same with this mom.

@michelemangie /

17. And this mom used the line that will shut down anyone who comes for her.

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