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    15 Things From This Week That Will Make You Sound Smart AF

    Interesting stuff.

    So I found this Twitter Moment of "Things To Make You Sound Smarter This Week." These tidbits are interesting AF and I want you to be able to share them with others, but lemme be clear about one thing: We cannot verify these facts are 100% true.

    1. Dinosaurs' armor might have been used "as billboards" to attract mates.

    2. Coffee drinkers seem to live longer (but we don't know if it's directly because of the coffee):

    3. Recently found fossils identify a genus of horses that might have gone extinct 17,000 years ago:

    4. There was this study that happened — it showed that zero out of 17 UK families who used egg donation told their children about the donor, sparking a debate over whether the child has a right to know.

    5. The Voyager 1 spacecraft, for the first time in 37 years, fired "dormant thrusters."

    6. Scientists may be getting pretty close to proving the existence of dark matter:

    7. A new study suggests that American students don't try as hard on tests:

    8. The reward-punishment parenting tactic may not work on teenagers, according to brain scans:

    9. Cinnamaldehyde, which gives cinnamon its flavor, may help fat cells burn energy:

    10. There's a simulation of a superstorm tornado, which is created by "one of the world's most powerful computers":

    Here's a simulation of a superstorm tornado created by one of the world's most powerful computers:…

    11. Sea pickles might be a thing (!!!!):

    We’ve heard of sea cucumbers, sea lions…but what are sea pickles?

    12. Adult corals apparently have a different way of searching for mates:

    13. Apparently there's this crosswalk in London that changes size, shape, and color according to its environment:

    This crosswalk changes size, color and shape according to the needs of its urban environment

    14. St. Francis Xavier's arm might be going on tour (???):

    15. Dogs MIGHT be more than 30,000 years old, according to a new finding.

    Hope you enjoyed! And yes, these are pretty early studies, but they're still fascinating AF aka go share them with someone you want to impress. Bye!