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    16 People Who Should Be Arrested For How They Decorated Their Bathrooms

    Let's just talk about how crappy these bathrooms are.

    1. This carpeted toilet seat:

    y’all i’m at my friends house and i go to use the bathroom and-

    2. This overwhelming wall:

    I just peed in the worst bathroom in the world.

    3. These two disgraces:

    4. This dangerous bathroom:

    @SJSchauer @Raspberry_Pi Bathroom shelf washing machine: I'm the worst Stair bath: No, *I'm* the worst. Stair loo: Hold my beer.

    5. And this terrifying toilet seat cover:

    Best/worst toilet seat cover ever #nope

    6. This bonkers bath:

    7. These useless stalls:

    8. This stressful bathroom:

    9. And this one, too:

    10. This outdoor-themed toilet seat:

    Dear internet, is this the worst toilet seat that you've ever seen?

    11. And this one, too:

    12. This ratty seat:

    13. And this bathroom just socks:

    @Ollie_Jones96 'Worst thing about winter is going for a poo and sitting on a freezing cold toilet seat'

    14. This elevator toilet:

    15. This unimaginable wall art:

    16. And lastly, this claustrophobic toilet:

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