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    16 Tweets That Prove College Ain't That Deep

    "College profs: What up I'm Josh and class is cancelled cuz I'm tired."

    1. Professors don't always dress as you'd expect:

    Highschool Teachers: “College is NOT a joke and should be taken seriously!” Actual Professors when you get to college:

    2. And sometimes final exams aren't that scary:

    Twitter: @breannamcataldo

    "The math department copy machine is not well and needs a technician to help it. Good news: Your final exam grade is 100%. Have a great summer!"

    3. They are less stuffy when teaching:

    high school teachers: college is no joke college professors:

    4. They incorporate a variety of teaching methods, like bringing in guests:

    High school teacher’s: College is no joke it’s serious College:

    5. The exam questions are easy AF sometimes:

    High school teachers: College exams are really important and super hard!! You have to make time to actually study!! An actual question that I just had on my final exam:

    6. The extra credit questions are silly:

    high school teacher: “college is HARD. it is not a joke!” college professor giving a question for extra credit on our final grade: “do you guys think a hot dog is a sandwich?”

    7. Like, they give out bonus points for nothin':

    High school teachers: NO! I’m not giving you bonus points! tHeY Don’T DO tHAt iN ColLeGe!!! College professors:

    8. Their email etiquette is not serious:

    High school: College is no joke, your instructors are very serious and you have to always be proffesional and respectful. College:

    9. They're super casual:

    High school teachers: I'm MRS. HARDASS and you will take me SERIOUSLY College profs: what up I'm Josh and class is cancelled cuz I'm tired

    10. Like, they cancel class all the time:

    When high school teachers kept telling me college professors would be so much worse

    11. They overshare:

    high school teacher: you can't know anything about my life college prof: i have a drinking problem

    12. They will legit give out an A on an assignment:

    High school teacher: “College is so hard” College Professor: “I woke up late so quiz is cancelled everyone got a 100 congratulations”

    13. They switch things up a lot:

    high school: college professors will not be your friends they are professional my professor in class: guys what if instead of an exam we had a real life battle royal in the classroom lol

    14. They accept gifts:

    High school teacher: they wont be this easy on you in college College professor: bring me twizzlers and you get 30 extra credit points

    15. They definitely don't hold back when it comes to sharing their opinions:

    High school teacher: "let's not get political" College teacher: "ur hw is to read this essay 'Fuck Donald Trump' written + published by me"

    16. And finally, they're not against technology and social media — they're good at it too!

    High school teacher: "Your professors won't tolerate you being on your phones." College professor: "Hey guys tweet me!"