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14 People Who Accidentally Texted The Person They Were Talking Shit About


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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share a time they got caught talking shit by texting the person they were talking about. Here are their cringeworthy responses:

1. This bad-mouthing of a breakup:

"My brother and his girlfriend broke up. I texted my husband to tell him about the drama, but it was my brother's girlfriend. I texted about the breakup and my sincere dislike for her. Oops."


2. This annoying friend:

"I was talking to my mom about how annoying a friend of mine was. Before I started talking to my mom, I was texting this friend and her conversation was still open on my phone, but my phone was locked. Turns out my phone was recording the conversation and sent it to my friend."



3. This hostile road trip:

"I was on a road trip with my sisters and 2-year-old niece. The mother to my niece was getting frustrated with my other sister because she kept trying to do everything for my niece, making her mom feel like she wasn't doing anything right.

"Well, my parents were driving in another car, so my sister sent a long text to my mom about how horrible she was being and how pissed off she was. We stopped for gas and my sister said 'Next time you want to text about how horrible I am, make sure you send it to the right person.'"


4. This group chat:

"Someone I know was talking shit with their work friends about their boss only to accidentally add their boss in and continue to talk badly about the boss. Needless to say, the whole squad was fired! High-key deserved it."



5. This awkward work environment:

"I was working at a bank, and we had multiple group texts. One day my coworker and I were complaining about our new manager and how awful he was at his job and I said, 'He really sucks at his job,' but I sent it to the group text he was in instead of the text between her, our assistant manager, and myself. Work was awkward for the next few days. He eventually quit."


6. This drunk dog sitter:

"My cousin and I were dog sitting for my aunt and uncle. We decided to drink. Well, I drank a little too much and just didn’t feel well, so I needed to go to lie down. My cousin insisted on waking me up a thousand times to encourage me to drink more, so I meant to text my mother that she needed to chill the fuck out, she was really pissing me off, and that this is why we can never drink together — because she’s a sloppy, disgusting drunk. Well, I sent it to her on accident. She left me alone after that so I guess I won."



7. This 'geek party':

"I told my roommate I was going to have a couple of friends over and she said OK. Then, I received a text from her immediately after that (probably meant for her boyfriend), saying 'Geek party in my room.'"

— Helen Dashiell, Facebook

8. This shit-starter:

"Once i told my friend Reyn that another girl was talking shit about her. Reyn confronted the girl. I then texted the girl, 'Idk what Reyn is talking about, she's being so dramatic right now.' AND SENT IT TO REYN."


9. This annoyed daughter:

"One time while on vacation my mom and I were just being petty and I accidentally texted her instead of my friend 'My mom annoys me so fucking much' I got silent treatment the rest of the day and then yelled at." —hazelmarie935

"One time while on vacation my mom and I were just being petty and I accidentally texted her instead of my friend 'My mom annoys me so fucking much' I got silent treatment the rest of the day and then yelled at."


10. This dreadful dinner:

On the night of my sister's rehearsal dinner, my mom and I were getting ready and she was a frantic mess — crying, couldn’t choose an outfit, stressing over EVERYTHING. I texted my sister, saying, 'Mom is being an absolute psycho. She won’t stop crying. It’s so annoying.' When we left, my mom said to me, 'Oh by the way, you sent that text to the wrong person.'"


11. This interesting relationship:

"I texted my boyfriend and was like 'Can you tell your mom to stop fucking asking us for money and stop being a fucking psychopath to everyone, considering she makes 18 an hour?' Got a text back 'Wrong' IT WAS HER!"



12. This close (literally) call:

"I once accidentally texted my friend *sitting next to me* that she was such a bitch. I told her I was kidding. She believed me."

— You're not gonna like me, Facebook

13. This fed-up worker:

"I went to text my coworker that '[insert boss's name] is already being a terror' but I accidentally sent it to my boss!"

Maddie Smith

14. This shit-talking Snapchatter:

"One time I got Snapchat from a guy I was hooking up with and it was him watching some random children’s movie with his adult family members, so I created a snap questioning why he felt the need to inform me and then accidentally sent it to him."


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Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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