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    14 People Who Are Definitely Not Honest, But Definitely ARE Funny

    Featuring the Bachelor contestant who faked an accent.

    1. This person changed her softball team's name to "NO GAME SCHEDULED," so opponents wouldn't show up:

    2. This girl pretended she didn't hit her sister's car:

    I’ll never forget when my sister hit my car and her and my mom kept it a secret from me. I noticed it while on campus and filed a police report and everything. I called my mom crying and she really had the audacity to say “I hope they find who did it sweetie” be ya own mom

    3. This girl did all of this for a bagel:

    ok, i have a confession. one time when i was doing a chem lab i purposefully ripped a hole in my glove, poured a (mild) acid on my hand, & my skin got irritated so my professor let me leave early all so i could go get an Einsteins Bagel. thank u for ur time

    4. This grandmother and her friend did this:

    My grandmother has a new “friend” at her retirement community. He takes her shopping and to get her hair and nails done. She told me that his wife doesn’t mind because she has Alzheimer’s. Ma’am.

    5. This guy has been secretly playing "Between the Sheets" at church for years:

    Confession: My dad is a Pastor & I play the piano at church when I'm home. I religiously play R&B songs during portions of the service to see who notices. I've been playing "Between the sheets" by the Isley Brothers for almost 6 months and today my mom finally noticed.

    6. This Bachelor contestant faked an Australian accent:

    7. This guy flexed so hard and it was so obvious:

    8. This guy had a whole holiday routine of scheming:

    enjoying this bit where i tell relatives over christmas dinner while home for the holidays that i got a $300 ticket in NYC for saying "merry christmas" instead of happy holidays and having them very earnestly believe it and offer to give me money to help pay, then i buy weed

    9. This guy used copy and pasted beers to scam his friends to come hang with him:

    10. This dad pretended to be the Prime Minister of Morocco for a dinner reservation:

    My dad wanted to make a reservation at a restaurant and they told him that they were completely booked, minutes later he called back claiming to be the prime minister of Morocco..... we got the best table in the place and the chef answer him to sign a plate and take a pic w him😭

    11. This guy pretended to be Ross from Friends after getting a text from a stranger:

    12. This girl and her friends were hilariously dishonest:

    Twitter: @kaathleen5

    They all had her back and knew to cover for her without even being asked.

    13. This guy lied about the whole "never been worn" thing and got caught:

    14. And last but not least, this woman was inspired by Hannah Montana and did this:

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