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13 Of The Most Hilarious Messages From January

"Can we fire Laurel?" — sent to Laurel, by accident.

1. This flex:

2. And this one, too:

i got this dm at fucking 12:30 this morning and i’m still thinking about it

3. This typo:

Julius Caesar’s senators on 15th March 44 BC

4. This hilarious text from an ex:

My ex just texted me this, and I think this is the nicest way she’s ever called me a dick.

5. This suuuuper caring boyfriend:

ladies get a man tht treats u like a queen when ur sick

6. This interesting offer:

7. This hungry delivery man:

8. This drunk Autocorrect moment:

9. This opener:

I love a good opening line on Tinder 🙏🏻

10. This TMI text:

still dying at the time my driving instructor text me this the day before my test

11. This rejection:

My ex that cheated on me texted me this morning and said “new year, new us?” And I said nope

12. This randomly hilarious text:

My bf texted me saying ‘is ur phone in ur hand’ which is code for ‘I’m going to send nudes’ and I was like yes and then he just sent me a pic of him pulling the fingers lmao

13. And finally, this accidental emoji text to dad:

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