16 Amazing Halloween Costumes From This Year That'll Take You A Second To Get

    Props to these clever legends.

    1. Cereal Killer:

    I’m not saying my ability to DIY a Halloween costume (and a punny one at that) is my best trait, but I’m not NOT saying that either! #CerealKiller #NannyLife https://t.co/qbOZ83Pe7X

    2. Question Mark:

    Another year, another punny costume for my school’s Halloween carnival. This year I went as “Question Mark” and I only spoke in questions. https://t.co/TfityXSSVR

    3. Plant Parenthood:

    Happy Halloween! Support Plant Parenthood! https://t.co/SQDmbQftZn

    4. Lara Jean Croft:

    Lara Jean Croft: To All The Tombs I’ve Raided Before

    5. R-Bee-Gee Mashup:

    My “R Bee-Gee” mashup #Halloween2018 costume. #dissent #notoriousrbg #rbg #dissentcollar

    6. Stormi/y:

    This year I went for a Halloween costume that is pop culture at its finest. Introducing: Stormy/Stormi! I was a mashup of @StormyDaniels & Stormi Jenner! #stormydaniels #stormijenner #stormystormi #halloween https://t.co/BfdMv4bad8

    7. Thotnos:

    Thotnos ready to make the hard decisions and look good doin it

    8. Reality bites:

    Happy Halloween from the CWE!!! 🎃🧛🏻‍♂️ #RealityBites You gotta love a good photo of reality stars eating! @khloekardashian @kourtneykardash @KimKardashian @Kimzolciak @TheGingerMinj @bendelacreme @spencerpratt @Bethenny @SimonCowell @katyperry @snooki https://t.co/3klyozwe7J

    9. Reverse Cowgirl:

    My sister just sent me this and said her costume is “reverse cowgirl” 😂❤️🤠

    10. Cleopatra and Caesar:

    Well we were supposed to be Cleopatra and Caesar.. Classic case of miscommunication

    11. French Kiss:

    12. Shutter fly:


    14. Death to democracy:

    Death to Democracy: a couples costume.

    15. Weekend at Bernie's and Bernie Sanders

    16. Dunkin Donuts'