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14 College Students Who Are Already Havin' A Rough Time

It's only September...

1. This girl accidentally turned herself purple:

2. This girl has a pretty unfortunate school email address:

3. This girl was stuck with the messiest roommate:

4. This guy is taking ~diligent~ notes:

5. And this girl received a NEGATIVE 500 as a grade:

6. This girl thought she was texting her "professor":

7. These housemates probably don't even know their struggling, but they are:

8. This dude must be going through something to charge his Juul:

9. This girl flushed her dorm key:

10. This person sustained a college dorm-related injury:

Hey, other college freshman: be careful getting out of your lofted bed. I slipped and broke my toe this morning lmao. https://t.co/SRZyrAHUuL

11. This girl represents all of us in college:

12. And so does this victim of college parking:

13. This person accidentally played music and got in trouble:

14. And finally, this student accidentally Airdropped this pic to their professor: