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14 Boyfriends And Girlfriends That Crack Me The Fuck Up

I stan these legends.

1. This girlfriend, who loves John Mayer:

2. This hilariously lazy boyfriend:

3. This technologically inept boyfriend:

4. This caption queen of a girlfriend:

5. And this boyfriend who roasted his girlfriend in the caption:

6. This yodeler:

7. This boyfriend, who just wanted to get in his feelings real quick:

8. This biblical boyfriend:

9. And this boyfriend, who doesn't have time to read all that:

I send this 3 page essay to my bf in a argument this is what he texts back 🙄😒

10. This girlfriend, who just felt like doing this:

11. This immature husband:

12. And this snack of a girlfriend:

13. This amazingly dramatic boyfriend:

I send my boyfriend some selfies I just took while he's at work and this is his response 😂

14. And last but not least, this girlfriend who "turned up over pizza":

I ate ONE piece of @SuperiorAsian's pizza and she had a heart attack... 😑😂