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13 Really Bad Fails From This Week

Cringing right now.

1. This supposedly satisfying video fail:

Are patient enough to watch till the end? 😂😂😂 #polinabright #rainbow #satisfying

2. This hilarious client-therapist text fail:

3. This BAD cheating fail:

4. This painful fail:

5. This online shopping fail:

today on: drunk things i add to my mother’s online shopping cart

6. This addition fail in the new Taylor Swift Capital One commercial:

7. This totally unhelpful fail:

8. This date fail:

9. This Gen Z AF fail:

I rlly just accidentally followed AND sent a whole dm to someone from my

10. This stressful fail:

11. This Tinder message fail:

12. This Tinder bio fail:

13. And lastly, this confusingly bad fail:

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