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    16 People I Just Wouldn't Want To Have An Issue With

    These people are not messin' around.

    1. This neighbor:

    Just got this from my neighbour whose husband is dealing with the #lockdown via the medium of DIY 😂

    2. And this one too:

    just a reminder that if your fellow self quarantining neighbors are being too loud you might be able to connect to their Bluetooth speaker

    3. And Judi:

    4. This strict salesperson:

    5. This defensive dog owner:

    Guy in the pickup honking, yelling at woman to move out of the street. She yells back "my dog is shitting, wait a minute!" I ❤️ NY

    6. This owner:

    OMGGGG there was an ice storm where I live and a ton of businesses were closed today besides this Thai restaurant run by this little old lady AND LOOK WHAT SHE POSTED ASDKDJFHDDU

    7. This aggressive Tinder bro:

    8. This coffee queen:

    Yesterday a girl walked into class with an iced coffee and my prof told her she couldn’t have it so she just walked out and never came back and I can’t stop thinking about it

    9. These two:

    No need for an alarm clock at my Nanna’s house this morning when you have plank wars going off at 8am

    10. This girl, who sent a survey to everyone who's ghosted her:

    So I sent a Google survey to everyone who's ghosted me in the last six months

    11. This brutally honest friend:

    12. This social media employee:

    13. This savage little brother:

    14. This Facebook queen:

    15. This protective momma:

    16. And lastly, this competitive father:

    I can’t stop watching this. Dad of the year 😂👏🏻⚽️