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    13 Of The Funniest Viral Messages From July

    "I can't sleep." "I can. Goodnight."

    1. This Facebook Marketplace conversation:

    2. And this conversation that had a zinger ending:

    3. This heart attack-inducing email:

    I emailed my professor my research paper and his initials scared me for a second lmao

    4. This hilarious misunderstanding:

    The owner of my AirBnB has a dog named Kevin. His human-sounding name terrified me at first.

    5. This Tinder fail:

    6. This hilariously savage brother:

    If you ever wonder what having a brother is like....

    7. And this savage pickup convo:

    8. This uncomfortable flirtation:

    9. This hysterical mix-up:

    10. This conversation that became an accurate meme:

    the blue text is a capricorn, aries, scorpio, and aquarius.

    11. This iconic sister exchange:

    “whats it like having a sister”

    12. This awkward wrong text:

    Guy I met at Stampede just accidentally texted me this:

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