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Updated on Jun 10, 2019. Posted on Jun 2, 2019

13 Hysterical Fails From This Week

Don't take selfies with someone's Lambo, FYI.

1. This dating fail:

2. This literal marriage fail:

My homeboy married a woman who cheated on her husband with he caught her at the hotel with another man

3. And the update is a fail too:

Update: the man at the hotel was the first husband

4. This snack fail:

I sent my kids to the store to get some snacks for themselves. My daughter got a birthday cake. For a snack.

5. This "hair caught in eye" fail:

Want a little bedtime story? My friend felt he had a hair caught between his eye and his glasses. He couldn't get rid of it, so he looked in the mirror. A tick was crawling on his eyeball. Nighty-night, sleep well.

6. This online order fail:

I’m crying at this little comrade.

7. This soon-to-be marriage fail:

8. This selfie-Lambo fail:


9. This complete dating failure:

Thinkin about the guy I hooked w/ after horse meat once whomst I thought I really hit it off with. He later messaged me on Grindr to ask what I thought of this season of RHONY? The next time I asked him to hang he ignored the question and asked if I had a molly connect. Romance!

10. This AirPods fail:

11. This young love fail:

nobody: 11 yr old relationships:

12. This equestrian fail:

13. And lastly, this mother's fail:

My mom accidentally texted this photo to her boss at 12:30 last night (she meant to send it to me) and it’s still the funniest thing that’s ever happened

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