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    12 Hilarious Epic Fails From This Week

    Fails for them, wins for us.

    1. This new pet fail:

    2. This parachute fail:

    3. This terrifying fail (P.S. he never found him):

    somebody pls help me there’s a gigantic fucking spider in my room and it’s 2:30am and i just wanna fucking sleep

    4. This disgusting airplane fail:

    5. This zoo enclosure fail:

    Excuse me, sir. Do you have time to talk about our lord and savior, Godzilla???

    6. This elephant pic fail:

    7. This pick-up line DM fail:

    These are the “dms” I get from guys

    8. This bonkers Grindr fail:

    9. This accidental text fail:

    10. This marital fail:

    I ran to protect our new TV when the #earthquake hit. My wife is pregnant. We’re having a conversation now.

    11. This earthquake caption fail:

    12. And finally, this conversation fail that turned into a win:

    Told someone what city I live in. “Oh are you married to a doctor?” “No. My husband is though.”