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    12 Fails From This Week I Am Obsessed With

    "All I wanted was an Insta pic."

    1. This TikTok fail:

    2. This Snap fail:

    She sent me nudes but her snap score went up 5

    3. This Insta fail:

    4. This dress fail:

    5. This flip-flop fail:

    Left my slide in the window for two months & it shrunk 😭😭😭🤣

    6. This mom's typo fail:

    My mom is at Summerfest and I can’t stop laughing about this text

    7. This sad split:

    Woman Who Married A 300-Year-Old Pirate Ghost Reveals They’re splitting up

    8. And this funny typo, too:

    I tried to write “living my best life” but accidentally texted a friend “loving my vest life.” I hope they imagined me with a closet full of vests just thrilled to be alive and rich in vests

    9. This PR fail:

    Lol, some guy at my work accidentally emailed the ENTIRE company making a joke about running one of our employees over in the parking lot.

    10. This window shatter fail:

    I fell into my window and shattered it oops

    11. This romantic fail:

    Cute guy in front of me queuing for coffee was on grindr so I messaged hi and watched as he read it and blocked me happy saturday

    12. And lastly, this Grindr fail that turned out to be a win/ego boost:

    I love Grindr not approving my picture cause I’m a celebrity. 😂