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    11 People Who Should Not Be Allowed To Send/Take Nudes

    For their own good.

    1. This guy, who sent a picture of his dick to the wrong number:

    2. This guy, who found out the hard way that this girl's bio was no joke:

    Madi Kohn

    3. This girl accidentally texted her dad a nude selfie:

    4. YouTuber/makeup artist James Charles posted a nude to his Snapchat story accidentally:

    5. And comedian Jaboukie posted a nude to his Insta story:

    6. This girl accidentally sent her coworker her nude:

    7. And this classmate sent nudes to their group chat:

    8. This person (??) used a puppet account to do this:


    9. This girl emailed someone else's nudes to her MOM's boss:

    10. This girl printed her nudes and her mom saw:

    11. And finally, person accidentally posted a WHOLE album of topless photos to Facebook:

    TL;DR, I'm taking away y'all's nude-taking/nude-sending privileges:

    The Obama White House