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11 Awkward Moments And Mishaps From 2022 Coachella

Audio issues, meh outfits, and more.

1. For starters, the celebs didn't really — well — bring it this year. A lot of the looks were underwhelming, no offense:

Jack Harlow at Coachella in a polo and pants

2. Someone (people think Finneas) was heard talking about Taylor Swift on their mic while Billie Eilish was talking to the crowd:

The fact that Taylor swift was not even present at the #Coachella yet her name is always on everyone’s lips.

Twitter: @hoaxxcorp

3. In fact, there were audio issues throughout the night, as fans pointed out:

Whoever is mixing the audio for the @coachella livestream needs to bump the vocals up and the music down. 😣

Twitter: @heymattnguyen


Twitter: @softcrevoid

4. 100 Gecs' performance was cut short during their most popular song, "Money Machine."

most disrespectful shit I’ve ever seen. fuck coachella!

Twitter: @ilyaxhes

5. A fan tried to rush the stage during Disclosure's set:

Some guy just tried to rush the stage during Disclosure and we have a MAN DOWN! #Coachella

Twitter: @ema_sasic

6. A lot of people reported that the festival was just suuuuper windy — you can even hear it in fans' videos of the performances:

Twitter: @fperez_23

7. windy that Brockhampton's inflatable gorilla was destroyed:

Right before Brockhampton went on the wind blew the gorilla away 😭#Coachella2022

Twitter: @amylovestacos

8. People also noted that, for the most part, the crowd was pretty dead:

Coachella crowd literally served nothing tonight 😍

Twitter: @tanyasanchez_

why is coachella consistently the most lifeless crowd of any festival to ever exist

Twitter: @lewisbuchan

9. Billie — awkwardly but adorably — tried to kick a balloon and failed:

no billie tried to kick the balloon in front of her and failed lmfaoo she's so- 😭 #Coachella

Twitter: @rauhlsbreaker

10. Dara from 2NE1's shoe went flying mid-performance, but she handled it like a pro, OMG:

dara’s shoe having its own coachella moment

Twitter: @treshurhunter

11. Less than a minute into the Arcade Fire set, lead singer Win Butler had to stop and have a medic called after he saw a fan in trouble, according to NME:

We'll keep you posted as more happens.