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    10 Things We Learned From Taylor Swift And Brendon Urie's Instagram Live

    Who loves this song? ME!

    Unless you live under a rock, you've probably seen that Taylor Swift released her AMAZING single "ME!" featuring Brendon Urie.

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    To give some background information on the cute collab, Taylor and Brendon went live on Taylor's Insta, where they talked about the song and video.

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    Here's what we learned.

    1. Taylor wrote the first verse and chorus and then decided it should be a duet.

    "As soon I thought of the chorus melody, and we were working on what it was going to be, I was like, 'This is definitely a duet because it feels like you would want both sides. It's about individuality and confidence in a relationship, like 'You're irreplaceable. I'm irreplaceable. Let's not be insecure about this.'"

    2. She then personally called Brendon, who she thought would be perfect for the song. "From the moment you called me and showed me the song, I couldn't get it out of my head," Brendon said.

    3. When Brendon came in, he was super sick. "I woke up with a 105 fever. It was terrifying. I didn't have voice."

    4. But Brendon said when he met Taylor his mood changed. He then came up with the bridge. "He comes in and starts singing "Girl, there ain't no 'I' in team!" Taylor said.

    5. Taylor came up with the idea to spell during the song. "We wanted it to be something playful. We didn't want it to take itself seriously at all. We didn't want anybody to be like, 'This is a very serious love song.'"

    6. The kitten that was brought in didn't have a home. Taylor fell in love and decided to adopt the kitten, whom Taylor has now named Benjamin Button.

    7. This scene with Brendon is a reference to Taylor's "Welcome to New York," lyric "Kaleidoscope of loud heartbeats undercoats."

    8. There are more Easter eggs/clues that people haven't gotten. "There was a huge shoutout out the window in the first hallway scene of me walking. Just gonna leave it there."

    9. There is more in the video that hasn't been noticed yet. "The biggest Easter egg of this entire thing — it's literally the most obvious one I put in the video and no one has guessed it yet."

    10. And finally, Brendon and Taylor will be performing together at the Billboard Music Awards! "We should probably get back to rehearsals. There's whole new skills we have to learn for this."