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    Melania Trump Is Officially A Meme

    Say "hello" to your newest meme.

    So, in April, Donald Trump and his family gave an interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN.

    H4E TV / Via

    But recently, someone edited a portion of it, which showed Melania interrupting Anderson, saying, “Hello.”

    And the rest is history. Melania has officially been given the meme treatment, “Hello.”

    H4E TV / Via

    Melania is all of us when the teacher brings up participation.

    teacher: class participation is half of your grade. me:

    She's also student loans:

    My student loans when my life is already spiraling out of control

    Some have even made her into a musician:

    Preview of Melania Trump's emotional debut single 'Hello' dropping soon.

    Or fused her with another popular meme:

    me: should I say hello to them? me to myself:

    Others have found comfort in the meme.

    i think the melania trump meme is gonna be the only thing that helps us get through the next four years

    And there’s also this amazing coincidence:

    The next First Lady Melania Trump on the cover of Hello! magazine.

    The interview video may be edited, but the meme is REAL.