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10 Spin Offs You Didn't Know Existed

They did a spinoff of that?!?

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1. Joey

Parent Show: Friends

Number of Seasons: 2

Description: After Friends ended a new sitcom was created called Joey, about his life in Hollywood to pursue his acting career. Surprisingly, it lasted a full two seasons and ended in 2006.

2. AfterMASH

Parent Show: MASH

Number of Seasons: about 1

Description: This show was a sequel to the show MASH, where Potter, Mulcahy, and Klinger start working at a Missouri hospital after the Korean War. Its lasted a full first season, but was cancelled after eight episodes of the second season.

3. The Bradys

Parent Show: The Brady Bunch

Number of Seasons: only seven episodes

Description: The Bradys started in 1990 and only had seven episodes before it was cancelled. The show was about the Brady children, now all grown up, that are living in the 1990's.

4. That 80s Show

Parent Show: That 70's Show

Number of Seasons: 0.5

Description: That 80s Show follows a new group of kids in the 1980s in San Diego navigating life in the interesting age of punk and politics.

5. Pinky and the Brain

Parent Show: Animaniacs

Number of Seasons: 10

Description: This one is surprising, since most people don't remember that it was a spinoff. It follows two lab mice that get into trouble.

6. Torchwood

Parent Show: Doctor Who

Number of Seasons: 4.5

Description: Torchwood takes place inside a secret agency where a group of experts investigate mysterious instances on earth.

7. Angel

Parent Show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Number of Seasons: 5

Description: Apparently the vampire from Buffy the Vampire Slayer was so big that he got his own show. In Angel, he gets a new start in Los Angeles and joins forces with other vampires to protect L.A.

8. A Different World

Parent Show: The Cosby Show

Number of Seasons: 6

Description: This show followed the popular Cosby Show character Denise Huxtable when she goes off to college.

9. Mork and Mindy

Parent Show: Happy Days

Number of Seasons: 4

Description: This is on of the stranger tv shows, starring Robin Williams as an alien. After Mork the alien crashes his ship he meets a young journalist named Mindy and they become friends.

10. Planet Sheen

Parent Show: The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron

Number of Seasons: 1

Description: It's centered around the charcacter Sheen, except it takes place in space since Sheen stole Jimmy's top secret spaceship.

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