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    Guys Had A Slumber Party For The First Time And Loved It

    “Ah man, we should’ve built a fort.”

    When we found out some guys in the Buzzfeed office had never experienced the magic of a ~slumber party,~ we decided to give them the best night of their life.

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    At first, the guys made some guesses about what they thought would happen at a normal sleepover.

    Despite their inexperience, they did a great job making sure they all wore the slumber party uniform: MUTHAFUCKIN' ONESIES.

    The night started out with some face masks and spa time.

    Finally, they understood the gross yet super-satisfying feeling of peeling off a mask.

    Next, they moved on to an even bigger challenge: painting each other's nails.

    It was nerve-wracking, but they got through it with some encouragement and teamwork.

    Finally, they had some bonding time and deep life chats.

    They talked about the long-term future (marriage!!) and the short-term future (another slumber party).

    In the end, the dudes understood how awesome it can be to spend some quality downtime with your buds.