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    Feb 11, 2014

    The 11 Best Blink-182 Music Videos

    Because 1+8+2= 11 and 10 isn't enough. Their best songs...that's a different list.

    11. Adam's Song

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    I have always felt the band could have done more with this video. The childhood pictures, however, are a nice touch.

    10. Up All Night

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    Despite being a bit of of lackluster comeback song, the music video is tons of fun and well choreographed.

    9. Dammit

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    So 90s...yet so good.

    8. The Rock Show

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    What does Blink-182 do with $500,000? Take a homeless guy to a strip club...chicka, chicka, yeah.

    7. I Miss You

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    So different...yet so great.

    6. Always

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    One of those rare cases where the music video is probably better than the song itself. Inventive concept that is really well executed; props to the editors.

    5. Stay Together For The Kids

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    With so much of their fan base living in broken homes, director Samuel Bayer (the man behind the music video for Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit) puts together a very relatable piece of art. Fact: the band was about to finish shooting when 9/11 occurred. The spirit of the time period is well represented in the final product.

    4. First Date

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    Spawned Tom's popular "Boomer" character....I wonder if Spaulding ever moved out of his van?

    3. All The Small Things

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    Although the song isn't a favorite with most die-hard Blink fans, the music video is a classic. With a Kerrang! award and MTV Video Music Award nod for "Best Group Video" in 2000, it's tough not to put this in the top three.

    2. Josie

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    Absolutely hilarious video that doesn't get the respect it deserves. The twist ending personifies the Blink humor.

    1. What's My Age Again?

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    And you thought Miley was the first to bare all in a music video....

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