11 Reasons Why SUPERFRUIT Is The Best Show On The Internet

First of all, if you don’t know what SUPERFRUIT is: SHAME ON YOU! Have you been living under a rock?! Go inform yourself! #SUPERFRUIT Youtube, Mitch Grassi on Twitter, Scott Hoying on Twitter, Pentatonix Twitter Now that you are well informed. Here are 11 reasons why #SUPERFRUIT is the best show in the internet.

1. Their love for animals.

They own a hairless cat named after Queen Bey’s offspring, who also has his own instagram. I mean C’mon! #flawless
Wyatt Blue on Instagram

2. Dating Advice.

Their pick-up lines are scientifically proven to work 100% of the time. You can’t argue with science. #LoveInThisClub
Superfruit Pick Up Lines

3. They are unafraid of the unknown………(well sorta)

Tasting a number of unknown substances out of unmarked cans. That is dietary fearlessness if i ever saw it. #Superpower
Superfruit Tin Can Challenge

4. This.

*melts into a puddle*…… #Heaven

5. This.

Scott, just in case you were wondering, Yes I will marry you. #DangerouslyInLove

6. They surround themselves with talent.

I mean they don’t get anymore talented than the beautiful dancer, singer, actress, model, magician that is MirandaSings. #Jealous

7. Again, the love for animals is present.

It just hurts me how frickin cute this cat is. #PrettyHurts

8. The amount of Sass is always on point.

Serving #MirandaPriestlyMeetsMaleficentRealness #Diva

9. Their honesty

They are not afraid to call you, or each other out. Who doesn’t love that? #Confessions

10. Their fashion sense.

Go watch every video Superfruit and Pentatonix have ever made, and copy them exactly. Then, and only then will you be fashionable. #RunTheWorld

11. Their love for you.

They are literally blowing kisses and angelically singing at you, what else do you need?

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