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Every Episode Of The Office Ranked 1-185

Every Episode of The Office Ranked 1-185. I included the two part episodes as one which is why I only have 185 compared to the 201 which is how they are broken up. These are based on humor, story, and feel of the episode, and is not necessarily a ranking of pure humor. Also I do spoil some of the plot and stories so if you haven't seen the whole series be cautious of that in the episode descriptions. Feel free to tweet at me @Ryanmcc1995 and tell me how you think you're right.

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#185. "Mrs. California" (Season 8)

This was during the middle of the worst season of The office when I really started to hate the show. This episode has in my opinion, the worst character on the show Robert California have a very awkward and annoying battle with his wife, Mrs. California. There are a couple of episodes I could have put here but this one just isn't good at all.

#184. "Get The Girl" (season 8)

This episode has Andy go on a wild chase to get Erin back to further complicate their already complicated and somewhat annoying relationship. Meanwhile, Nelly is starting in Scranton and making everyone uncomfortable while doing so.

#183. "Welcome Party" (Season 8)

Another awkward episode of mostly Erin and Andy where Andy brings Erin to break up with his current girlfriend. If you're looking to cringe a lot I would recommend it, otherwise I probably wouldn't. The only bright spot is the opening scene where the office has a long debate as they try to remember if Stanley has a mustache or not.

#182. "Couples Discount" (Season 9)

The first episode not from season 8 on the list, the members of the office team up to get couples discounts and that is about it. Also Erin and Andy finally reach their end as a couple, so that's a plus.

#181. "Roy's Wedding" (Season 9)

This episode wasn't as terribly boring as the previous few but nothing great really happens in it either. This episode is used to set up the 9th season and it's the start of the Jim and Pam marriage problems that everyone hates.

#180. "Vandalism" (season 9)

This episode is probably the peak of Jim and Pam's trouble as a couple. A warehouse employee vandalizes Pam's mural so her and Dwight retaliate on his car. This is also the first time that the camera crew appears in the show.

#179. "Christening" (Season 7)

This episode was the point in the show where I first felt like they started running out of ideas. This episode is very weak and doesn't even feel like it's an episode of The Office. The entire episode is just the office at Ci Ci's christening and at the end Michael and Andy nearly go on a mission trip to Mexico.

#178. "Body Language" (Season 6)

This is the episode where Jim and Pam try to sell to Donna and Michael gets very awkward around her. I didn't hate Donna's character but I thought they tried a little too hard in these episodes.

#177. "Employee Transfer" (Season 5)

My reaction when I watch this episode is the same as Holly in the picture above. It's really a sad day for Michael and it's not a very funny episode. After watching this I just feel bad and confused about things especially since Michael and Holly hit it off well.

#176. "The Target" (Season 9)

This episode has an awkward situation where Angela tries to hurt Oscar for sleeping with the senator. It’s kind of a weird episode and really isn't as good as it could have been minus Dwight being back to his strange old self

#175. "Livin' The Dream" (Season 9)

Nbc / Vivian Zink / NBC

Another kind of sluggish episode late in the series, the end of the episode does see Dwight become permanent manager once and for all though and Andy tries to make it big as a performer.

#173. "Angry Andy" (Season 8)

Andy returns from Florida to find Nelly has taken over his job and is being very stubborn about things. I think this episode is kind of annoying and while I don’t hate Nelly as much as others I do think she is annoying at this point.

#172. "Pam's Replacement" (Season 8)

Basically Pam tries to find out if Jim thinks her replacement is hot so she seeks help from Kelly and Dwight, and naturally everything goes wrong from there. Also Dwight tries grabbing Jim's balls in this episode.

#171. "Secretary's Day" (Season 7)

This episode kind of confuses me because of how much Erin just freaks out about things and how they make her seem like a middle school girl. It' kind of weird and awkward mostly.

#170. "Hot Girl" (Season 1)

This episode does have some funny moments but it is kind of dry and slow which is why I have it this low, plus it still has some of those awkward moments that happened early on in the show.

#169. "The Seminar" (Season 7)

Trae Patton / Trae Patton / NBC

This episode I thought they tried too hard to be funny and it didn't seem very well constructed. It seems a little all over the place but there are some funny moments from Kevin and Creed.

#168. "WUPHF.COM" (Season 7)

Michael succumbs to his obsession of Ryan again and nearly costs everyone. Not a terrible episode but I feel like there isn’t many humorous moments in it, and Ryan continues to annoy me.

#167. "Promos" (Season 9)

The staff finally gets to see why they have been filming for all those years. I like that the show starts to wrap up at this point because it needs to, but I once again don’t like how the camera crew makes more appearances.

#166. "Gettysburg" (Season 8)

This Episode has too much of Robert California and Gabe for me, the trip to Gettysburg was interesting but the only good part of this episode was Kevin with his short time of being a genius.

#165. "The Boat" (Season 9)

Nbc / Chris Haston / NBC

Andy goes to sell his parents old boat after they file for bankruptcy. He finds his brother on the boat and they decide to take a 3 week trip to the Bahamas on it, meanwhile he starts to neglect Erin leading to their eventual breakup.

#164. "Jury Duty" (Season 8)

Jim was called for jury duty but he ended up taking a few more days off to help Pam at the house. Everyone gets mad at him until they see how much of a handful the kids are.

#163. "Baby Shower" (Season 5)

Michael brings Jan in to have a baby shower for her baby that had already been born. Its a very awkward episode especially because he treats Holly like crap and Jan is somehow more crazy then she was before.

#162. "The List" (Season 8)

Chris Haston / Chris Haston / NBC

This was the first episode of season 8 and everyone is trying to figure out the new CEO Robert California, we very quickly find out how weird of a guy he is and how no one really likes him.

#161. "The Farm" (Season 9)

Dwight has a traditional Schrute funeral which is about as strange as you would expect. There were rumors of a spin off about Dwight's farm and I think this episode was setting it up, but luckily it never happened.

#160. "Moving On" (Season 9)

Jim and Pam start thinking about moving to Philly as Pam searches for a new job there. Their struggles as a couple only continue from there which was frustrating as a fan of Jim and Pam.

#157. "The Inner Circle" (7)

Michael is finally gone and Diangelo starts switching thins up as he brings in his inner circle of all guys. It goes well until all the women start complaining and think he's sexist.

#156. "Andy's Ancestry" (Season 9)

Nbc / Byron Cohen / NBC

Nelly messes with Andy and tells everyone he is related to Michele Obama leading to everyone thinking his family owned slaves. His feud with Nelly continues in this episode as they slowly get back to being on good terms.

#155. "Sex Ed" (Season 7)

Michael thinks he has herpes because he had a pimple on his upper lip so he finds all of his ex-girlfriends and blows things out of proportion. Back at the office, Andy tries teaching a sex-ed seminar that goes terribly wrong.

#154. "Blood Drive" (Season 5)

Michael hosts a singles event on valentines day after he met a girl he liked while donating blood. The event goes terrible except for Kevin who gets some action at the end.

#153. "The Deposition" (Season 4)

Michael has to testify on behalf of Jan as she tries to sue Dunder Mifflin. He is on her side until she sells him out at the end and realizes that Dunder Mifflin cares more about him then she does.

#152. "The Secret" (Season 2)

Jim mistakenly tells Michael that he likes Pam so he has to try to keep that secret. He does better than expected but eventually slips up making things awkward for Jim. Michael also takes Jim to his favorite restaurant, Hooters.

#149. "Free Family Portrait Studio" (Season 8)

Dwight sets up free family portraits in order to get some DNA from Angela's baby to try to see if he is the father. Andy also comes back as a janitor waiting for David Wallace to make the announcement that he bought the company and everyone thinks he's going crazy.

#148. "China" (Season 7"

This is about the point in the list where the episodes go from I don’t really like them to they are pretty average in terms of office episodes, they are good to watch but not necessarily ones I would watch a bunch. This episode has some funny moments in it of Michael thinking he’s a genius but not much of a plot or story and it was very predictable.

#146. "The Client" (Season 2)

Michael and Jan take a client out to chili’s and Michael is about as unprofessional as he can be but somehow it works on this guy and it leads to Michael and Jan making out or whatever they ended up doing.

#145. "Valentines Day" (Season 2)

Michael heads to New York for valentines day to meet the new CFO David Wallace. While up there he runs his mouth and tells people that him and Jan are dating nearly getting them both fired.

#143. "Chair Model" (Season 4)

Michael obsesses over a dead model and tries finding love. He goes on one of the most awkward dates ever. It ends with Michael and Dwight dancing on the grave of a dead girl they never met, but what else would you expect.

#142. "Job Fair" (Season 4)

Michael, Pam, Darryl, and Oscar visit a high school where Michael is his usual self, scaring off high school kids. Meanwhile Jim, Andy, and Kevin play a round of golf which I thought was the better part of this episode.

#141. "Counseling" (Season 7)

Chris Haston / Chris Haston / NBC

Really the epic conclusion to the lifelong battle between Michael and Toby. It seems like Toby finally has him but then Michael figures him out and Toby starts spiraling down and gives up on life.

#140. "Conflict Resolution" (Season 2)

One of the first real episodes where you see how bad of an actual boss Michael actually is but how funny that is when he tries to solve other people’s problems.

#139. "Turf War" (Season 8)

I figure this is the point in the list where people will stop reading every description, and its also not high enough yet for people to read also, so if you do read this follow me on Instagram and twitter @Ryanmcc1995

#137. "Manager and Salesman" (Season 6)

Michael and Jim fight over who is going to be the manager and who will be a salesman after they figure out they can make more money as a salesman due to Sabre's non commission cap.

#133. "The Promotion" (Season 6)

Jim finally becomes Co-manager with Michael and Dwight and Ryan start a plot to turn everyone against him. After they have a difficult task to deal with Jim and Michael struggle to see eye to eye.

#131. "Paper Airplane" (Season 9)

The office competes in a paper airplane contest to win some money, meanwhile Dwight starts to feel bad for Angela as she is down on her luck so he tries to help her win.

#130. "Pool Party" (Season 8)

Robert California hosts the office at his house before he sells it. Ryan and Gabe compete to see who can be the bigger suck up to Robert and Erin tries to make Andy jealous with the help of Dwight.

#128. "The Sting" (Season 7)

Dwight, Michael, and Jim set up a hidden camera to spy on another salesman to try to learn why he is so good. At the end Michael end up hiring Danny to be Dunder Mifflin's new traveling salesman.

#126. "Stairmageddon" (Season 9)

The building is fixing the elevator forcing all of the employees to take the stairs up to the office. When this becomes too big of a problem for Stanley he forces Dwight to carry him up and down the stairs.

$123. "Garage Sale" (Season 7)

Dunder Mifflin holds a garage sale in the warehouse as Dwight tries to barter for the best item but is tricked by Jim. Oh also Michael proposes to Holly finally and nearly burns down the building in the process.

#122. "Business Trip" (Season 5)

Michael, Andy, and Oscar travel to Canada on a business trip as Michael tries to get over Holly leaving. While there Michael fails at finding love an Andy drunk calls Angela and gets in trouble.

#120. "Junior Salesman" (Season 9)

Dwight is put in charge of hiring a part time salesman to take over for Jim when he's out of the office. He brings in a bunch of his weird friends and the rest of the office is not happy about it.

#119. "Grief Counseling" (Season 3)

Michael's old boss Ed Truck dies and Michael goes into a mini depression as he gets everyone to feel bad for him. He also plans a funeral for a bird to try to cope with the death.

#117. "The Surplus" (Season 5)

The office has a surplus at the end of the fiscal year so Michael has to decide how to use the money. The office is split into to groups, people who want a new copier and those who want new chairs. Michael not wanting to disappoint anyone seeks help from outside parties.

#113. "Did I Stutter" (Season 4)

Stanley talks back to Michael causing tension in the office between them. Michael eventually confronts Stanley and for once shows that he can be the tough boss he needs to be.

#111. "PDA" (Season 7)

Just when you start feeling happy for Michael and Holly they begin to get annoying around the office as they are all over each other but they don't seem to see how it's an issue.

#109. "New Guys" (Season 9)

The first episode of Season 9 as things get back to how it used to be, Robert California is gone and Andy is back in charge. The office hires two new interns and they try to fit in.

#108. "Costume Contest" (Season 7)

The office hosts a costume contest that gets very intense due to a great prize that Pam got for the winner. Things get tense when Michael gets angry at Darryl when he goes behind his back to Gabe.

#107. "Product Recall" (Season 3)

In this episode Dunder Mifflin hits a crisis when an innapropriate watermark is on all of their paper. Jim and Andy have to go out and apologize as Michael tries to fix things. The most memorable moment from this episode is the opening where Jim impersonates Dwight in the classic scene.

#106. "Trivia" (Season 8)

Oscar wants to leave early for a trivia night at a gay bar in Philly so Andy brings everyone else along with to try to win some money to buy paper from the company so he can meet the quota.

#105. "Booze Cruise" (Season 2)

This is about the point in the list where the episodes go from alright and start getting into the next category of good but not elite episodes. In this episode Michael takes the office on a Booze Cruise where Jim tells him a secret about Pam.

#104. "Take Your Daughter to Work Day" (Season 2)

It's take your daughter to work day and Michael surprisingly befriends Toby's daughter and then gets sad that he realized he hasn't reached a lot of his life goals yet.

#103. "Ultimatum" (Season 7)

Pam starts a new years resolution board leading to Dwight going to a strip club on a weekday afternoon. Michael also finds out that Holly did not get engaged by her Ultimatum but is still dating A.J.

#101. "The Cover Up" (Season 6)

Michael thinks Donna is cheating on him so he send Dwight to investigate, and of course Dwight messes up and Donna finds out, plot twist however, Michael finds out Donna is married.

#100. "Whistle blower" (Season 6)

Joe Bennett finds out that someone in the office leaked the news about the printers to the press and launches a full investigation. Meanwhile Michael has to lie to protect 3 of his employees who leaked the information.

#99. "The Alliance" (Season 1)

Downsizing threats loom around the office so Jim tricks Dwight into starting an alliance to look out for each other. Jim eventually even tricks Dwight into dying his hair blonde to go undercover.

#98. "Women's Appreciation" (Season 3)

After Phyllis gets flashed in the parking lot Dwight launches a full scale investigation to catch the pervert. Michael feels bad so he takes all the women out on a girls trip to the mall.

#97. "Casual Friday" (Season 5)

It's casual Friday again in the office and some of the outfits are questionable. The sales staff also get angry at Michael for favoring Ryan and Pam and letting them keep all of the clients they stole.

#95. "Sexual Harassment" (Season 2)

Toby has to lead a sexual harassment meeting after there had been some problems in the company. Michael decides to do things his own way with the help of Todd Packer and a sex doll.

#94. "Performance Review" (Season 2)

Michael has to conduct performance reviews but is more concerned with what Jan means in the voicemail she left. When she comes to watch over Michael she finds out that the whole office knows that she kissed Michael.

#93. "Tallahassee" (Season 8)