10 Things We All Secretly Do While Driving

Sometimes driving brings out the kid in all of us.

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2. Pretend You're Being Followed By Spies When The Car Behind You Turns Down All The Same Streets As You


It always makes me feel like I'm on some sort of secret mission...for a few seconds at least.

4. Get Confused When Stuck In A Four-Way Stop Showdown


"Hmmm...who got here first? Oh well, I'll just wait for someone else to go. Ok, no one else is moving. Why isn't anyone else going? Well, I'll just go then. Oops, now the other cars are moving. I'll stop and let them go on ahead. But, wait, they think I'm going now..."

7. Turn Down The Car Radio When Trying To Pinpoint A Smell


As far as I know, hearing doesn't have anything to do with our sense of smell, but turning down the radio seems to help anyway.

8. Feel Like A Racecar Driver When You Take A Curve Faster Than The Posted Speed


"Oh, yeah? Only 15 miles per hour? I'll show you! See that? I just owned that curve at 35 mph! Boo-Yah!"

10. Congratulate Yourself After Making The Yellow Light


I love buzzing through the yellow light and then looking in my rearview mirror to see all the cars behind me stopping at the red. It's a simple pleasure.

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