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    13 Signs That Olivia Newton John Is A Witch

    She gives us chills. They're multiplyin'!

    1. Can transform fat mortals into hot gays

    2. Can morph from witch to roller-skater in seconds

    3. Can harness electrical current in the middle of the words

    4. Can release her own witchy spirit from her slumber

    5. Can beat cancer. Cancer.

    6. Can summons John Travolta in a body of water.

    7. … in any body of water

    8. Can morph from human to cartoon character in seconds

    9. Can make people disappear (and later reappear, once the cops start snooping)

    10. Can bring things to a whole ‘notha level when Travolta ignores her water summons

    11. Can call in for back-up when things are beyond her power

    12. Can top the music charts with a single called … Magic

    13. Can levitate moving vehicles