13 Reasons Pancakes Are Way Better Than Waffles

    In this head-to-head battle between breakfast all-stars, there can only be one winner, and that winner is pancakes.

    1. Pancakes can and should be stacked for maximum enjoyment. Who stacks waffles?

    2. It’s encouraged to eat tons of pancakes at the same time. Not as socially acceptable to eat three or more waffles.

    3. With pancakes you get that special syrup drip alllll the way down the sides, but with waffles, it just kind of pools there.

    4. Pancakes are FAR superior for add-ins. Chocolate chips, bananas, pecans, etc. Waffles don’t play that game nearly as well.

    5. You need a special iron for waffles and it's so hard to clean. So high maintenance.

    6. You can make pancakes over a campfire and enjoy them in the great outdoors.

    7. You can make pancake balls but not waffle balls.

    8. Pancakes are flat and therefore better for when you want to drag them all the way across your plate to soak up syrup.

    9. It's impossible to spread butter on top of a waffle, but with pancakes it's oh so smooth.

    10. Pancakes are like fluffy carbohydrate pillows. You'd definitely lie down on a pancake before you'd lie down on a waffle.

    11. Cultures around the world enjoy different types of pancakes, but waffles are pretty much Belgian.

    12. You can make pancakes in different shapes and sizes, but with waffles, there's no creativity allowed.

    13. The largest pancake was almost 50 feet wide. The largest waffle was only 8 feet wide.