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The Definitive Reason That The Confederate Flag Has No Place In Modern America

The Hate Cannot Be Ignored

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COLUMBIA, SC - JANUARY 21: Dr. John Cobin of Greenville, South Carolina holds signs in support of displaying the Confederate flag at a Martin Luther King Day rally January 21, 2008 in Columbia, South Carolina. Cobin is a member of the League of the South, a Southern nationalist organization. All three major Democratic candidates for President spoke to a large crowd on the state house grounds. (Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images)

Contrary to the (insanely) popular belief that the confederate flag stands for some grand aspect of southern heritage, the horrific event in Charleston, South Carolina speaks the only real truth on the issue; the flag is a symbol for deep racial hatred. To argue their point, many pro-flaggers bring up the idea that the stars and bars represent "southern heritage". It is true that the flag was a symbol of the south (key word was). However, the south that this flag represents no longer exists. They were defeated long ago, following a well known conflict called the Civil War, creating the beautiful unified America we all know and love today. To add to the flag's anachronistic nature, it represents a portion of America that fought tooth and nail to preserve their rights. At first that sounds like a rather patriotic mission, but the one right this south fought for was the right to maintain slavery, which we all know now (at least most of us) is a one of the most despicable practices in human history. Therefore, the confederate flag has no place in our modern nation, aside from museums displaying the losing side of the battle for basic human rights.

In lieu of this historical argument, defenders of the flag claim that the days of segregation and slavery are clearly in the past, and they should have the freedom to choose their own modern interpretation of the flags meaning. Unfortunately for these optimists, some modern Americans, one Dylann Roof in particular, have already taken it upon themselves to reinterpret the flag, changing it from a symbol of the confederate states, to a symbol of racism and hate. Prior to the incident on June 18th, Roof posed with the flag in photos, displaying it as a logo for his supremacist attitude and his hatred towards people of color. Because of this, the issue with the flag is no longer an argument over freedom of speech, but rather a response to an active symbol of hatred. With many Americans working their hardest towards a progressive future, in which people may call themselves true equals, holding on to such an image is taking leaps and bounds in the wrong direction.

So, sorry not sorry to all of you lovers of them Duke boys and the General Lee (that shows own wtfness is a whole other can of worms) but the confederate flag has got to go. By the way, if you do support the supposed heritage that the flag has to offer, don't go blaming the protesters and petitioners for its removal. In that regard you can go ahead and thank your fellow southern compatriot Dylann Roof. Being that his horrendous actions solidified the condemnation of the stars and bars, he is the one man that should be taking the heat. I guess you could say he ruined it for everyone, but everyone in this case is clearly a nutso minority. As for the rest of us, Americans that respect and love the heritage of the true Stars and Stripes (old glory you beautiful thing you!), get out there and celebrate the fact that South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley just put the confederate flag to rest, and for good this time.

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