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7 Things I Think Will Happen During Tonight's Conclusion Of True Detective

There has been a lot of speculation and discussion as to what will happen in tonight's conclusion of True Detective. Below is a list I've created of things I think you can pretty much bet on.

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The Screen Will Go To Black

I think we will know the episode is over for sure when the screen goes to black. They might use a different color, like an off-black, but my guess, they go solid black.

Music Will Play

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They have typically played their closing credits music when each of the previous episodes have ended. I doubt they break the formula this time, but if they do, I bet they go with a Shania Twain song instead.

They Will Roll The Credits

This is just an example shot from a previous episode. I can't speculate as to how hands on the aerial unit will be in the conclusion, but my guess is very hands on.

We Will Get A Reminder Of What This Has Been A Presentation Of

Home Box Office has presented True Detective for all of the episodes so far. I have a hard time believing they won't take credit for the last one.

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