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16 ESSENTIAL Life Hacks You Have To Try To Believe

Life doesn't have to be hard! Try these essential life hacks and make living a breeze!!!

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1. Next time you walk, try doing it with a combination of your legs and feet.

2. Here’s one! Try breathing oxygen in and exhaling carbon dioxide out.

3. When you’re traveling, it means you won’t be home, so be sure to bring all the things you think you might need.

4. Having trouble eating? Food goes in your mouth, not your butt.

5. Here’s a hint! Read books from left to right, top to bottom.


6. If you have a hard time seeing, then you absolutely must try glasses.

7. Remember! Drink water sometimes because you need it to live.

8. Increase your efficiency by remembering that watches and clocks will tell you what time it is.

9. Use money if you want to buy something. Bartering isn’t really a thing anymore!!!

10. Are your snacks hard and do they taste like mud and grime? You might be eating rocks. Stop it.

11. Next time you’re sick, try medicine!

12. Television, or what you might call T.V., is a telecommunication medium that is used for transmitting and receiving moving images and sound. There are not strangers in your living room.

13. Clothes fit best when you buy your size!

14. Don’t forget! No matter how long you talk to them, animals will never talk back.

15. Death comes for all of us, so live the life you want and have always envisioned, surrounded by the comfort of family, friends and those you hold dear. Remember that in the end, you take nothing into the afterlife save the memories you make while alive.

16. Toilets are great for taking shits.

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