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YouTube Announced That It Will Be Unverifying Some Creators

It was chaos on Thursday as YouTube tried to announce an update that would remove the verified checkmark from some users.

Ryan Broderick • 2 days ago

Instagram Users Under 18 Will Soon Be Blocked From Seeing Posts Promoting Certain Cosmetic Surgery And Diet Products

A spokesperson for Instagram said that it's about reducing the pressure that people can sometimes feel using social media.

Ryan Broderick • 4 days ago

Everyone's Putting Their Faces In This ImageNet Roulette App. Here's How It Works.

"ImageNet Roulette regularly classifies people in dubious and cruel ways," said its makers. That's the point.

Ryan Broderick • 4 days ago



Ryan Broderick • 9 days ago

Are You A Caroline Or A Natalie?

Who are you more like — Instagram influencer and self-proclaimed scammer Caroline Calloway, or her former friend and ghostwriter Natalie Beach?

Ryan Broderick • 11 days ago

Apple Unveils New iPhone 11, Pro And Pro Max, Apple Watch, Apple TV+, More

BuzzFeed News is at the Steve Jobs Theater with all of the latest.

John Paczkowski • 13 days ago

Descobrimos que seus posts privados do Instagram não são exatamente privados

Fotos e vídeos postados em contas privadas podem ser acessados, baixados e distribuídos publicamente por meio de um truquezinho ridiculamente simples.

Ryan Broderick • 12 days ago

Private Instagram Posts Aren’t Exactly Private

A shockingly simple work-around allows your followers to share private photos and videos posted to both Facebook and Instagram.

Ryan Broderick • 13 days ago

A parada do orgulho hétero não foi apenas uma brincadeira, como disseram seus organizadores

A multidão se dividia entre baby boomers pró-Trump, pessoas que pareciam não entender o motivo de toda aquela confusão e millennials se perguntando entusiasmados se encontrariam antifascistas. Eles encontraram, é claro.

Ryan Broderick • 17 days ago

Facebook’s Dating App Is Launching In The US. Here’s How It Works.

And no, it won’t match you with your preexisting Facebook friends.

Ryan Broderick • 17 days ago

The Straight Pride Parade Is The Newest Far-Right Meme And Cities Aren’t Ready For It

"We thought this was a good time to stick it to the collectivist, idealist identitarian left."

Ryan Broderick • 21 days ago

iFunny Is Trying To Fix Its Far-Right Problem By Shutting Up Its Moderators

“They’re trying to make all of us sign an NDA to shut us up so we can’t expose them again."

Ryan Broderick • 27 days ago

問題は掲示板? ヘイト思想を持つ人物による銃乱射事件が続くアメリカで


Ryan Broderick • One month ago

iFunny Moderators Say They Have A Nazi Problem That The Site's Leaders Won't Fix

An extremist subculture festers unchecked on a meme-sharing site popular with young white men.

Ryan Broderick • One month ago

iFunny Has Become A Hub For White Nationalism

The Russian-owned image-sharing application is extremely popular with teen boys. It’s also full of far-right propaganda.

Ryan Broderick • One month ago

Facebook Is Getting Rid Of The Option To Make Groups "Secret" Or "Closed"

Instead, users will have two options: public or private.

Ryan Broderick • One month ago

10,000 Rounds Of Ammo And 25 Guns Were Seized From A Teenager Posting Far-Right Memes On iFunny And Discord

Justin Olsen created a Discord server for his iFunny subscribers where he allegedly threatened to kill federal officers.

Ryan Broderick • One month ago

Tumblr Has A New Owner — Which Isn’t Pornhub — And It Intends To Keep The Porn Ban

The company that owns is buying the microblogging platform and will keep the restriction on adult content.

Ryan Broderick • One month ago

This Tumblr Post About Extremism From Four Years Ago Goes Viral After Every Shooting. Its Creator Finally Explained It.

The original poster, Shitpostradamus, said a blog run by a white nationalist brony inspired him to make the chart.

Ryan Broderick • One month ago

Far-Right Haven Had Its Fundraising Site Shut Down By Amazon

“This site promotes content that constitutes hate speech and is unacceptable,” a spokesperson for Amazon told BuzzFeed News.

Ryan Mac • One month ago